Sometimes I Feel Like a Fox: A Book Review

Groundwood Logos SpineWhat animal on this Earth do you connect with? Why? Danielle Daniel guides children to answer this question and explains the cultural tradition of the Anishinaabe totem animal in this beautifully illustrated book.

Wearing crafted masks, we hear children explain why they identify with awesome creatures such as a deer, a butterfly or a wolf — a quiz that can be related to by children both inside and outside of the Aboriginal sphere. Continue reading “Sometimes I Feel Like a Fox: A Book Review”


An African Alphabet: A Book Review


“An elegant African bestiary, from the familiar to the exotic.” Our first guest reviewer, Leslie J. Scott, educator and children’s book enthusiast, gives her perspective, from content to design, on Eric Walters’s beautiful board book for baby’s first library.

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The Nian Monster: A Book Review

I’m very excited to have been sent The Nian Monster by Andrea Wang to review in celebration of Multicultural Children’s World Book Day 2017. Reading Culture fits well into their mission to raise awareness on the ongoing need to include children’s books that celebrate diversity in home and school bookshelves and I’m thrilled to be promoting an organization that aligns so closely. You can find more information on them and other diverse books in the special links below. Continue reading “The Nian Monster: A Book Review”